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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Into the abyss...

Categories: s1 and s2, Glaciation, Environmental Hazards, Advanced Higher
I've stated before that the major thing about missing some time at school is that you never really know where your classes will be at when you return (despite the wwork you have left for them). I also hate improvising out of neccessity and would much rather have a safety net of a lesson beneath me so here are the plans for tomorrow:-
Advanced Higher - I feel that after last year, I'd like to get students thinking about the study and issues really early this year, so I'm going to pose a question tomorrow- If you could study only one geographical theme, what would it be? I want students to realise that AH is all about their choices and not a teacher led course. I'll then talk a little about course structure
Higher- Course structure, some work on weathering/ mass movements. Tempted to give out the Higher paper. After this year's Int 2, I'm sure some students would feel they had a better chance at the Higher!
s3- Quick revision of what's been done, some Alps chat (next group on the trip), and maybe a reprisal of last years glacial features exercise as a starter for the course
s2- I'm hoping there has been some movement on the Hazards work and that I can introduce the idea of a movie like two years ago. This will of course be much easier if classroom in a box has finally been sorted, as rumoured before I left for the Alps...


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