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Monday, October 20, 2008

Face Your Manga !

Categories: Rivers, s1 and s2
One of the best things about blogging from a personal perspective is organisation. I know I taught roughly the same topics at the same time with most classes, and tomorrow, I've got a tailor-made lesson for Higher. One thing that I'll be adding to this is a little bit about the way humans can affect the water cycle. This is now in the arrangements for Higher, so could come up in the exam. We mapped from memory today for the Hydrological Cycle, something which has always worked well with previous years, but I felt the class were a bit subdued. Hopefully, this was just because it was first day back and nothing to be concerned about, and tomorrow's lesson should be able to assess the learning which has taken place.
I think with s2 tomorrow, I'll get you all by the end of the period to write your name in Japanese on your jotters, before giving a little family tree homework. We'll also go for some Japanese greetings and maybe some more Japanese language. I wonder if anyone would be willing and able to do some manga drawings. I think I have a book somewhere on this-some class caricatures? Or maybe you could FaceYourManga like the one above (which looks absolutely nothing like me!). This is a topic I really enjoy teaching, sometimes it's about pulling the reins in on myself here rather than the pupils!
For s1, 'World made by hand' exercises in tomorrow, some excellent efforts handed in already and clearly lots of work going into these-Well done!


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