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Sunday, April 19, 2009

You're living all over me (Cue the Biosphere)

Categories: s1 and s2, Biosphere, Advanced Higher

It's hard to believe that the two week break is over so quickly, and tomorrow is straight back in with Higher, who are likely to be going at F1 speed through the Biosphere topic. There are some great resources courtesy of Val Vannet via LTS, and the posters are something which could be used by students nearer the exam. It is ironic that for a topic about the living layer of the earth, I sometimes struggle to bring this to life. Thought about digging a profile using something resembling a giant screw (I think it's called an Auger), but we'll see how the time goes.

With s1, I'm going to go straight on to prepping the favelas and with s2 a bit of follow up to our school grounds fieldwork. We have already had a general look at what we thought made an environment attractive and then completed some environmental quality surveys around the school grounds. I would like to follow this up by wordling the four surveyed areas and getting a mean score for each area too. I think we could then use street view and google earth/google maps to do a bit of virtual fieldwork, as I'd really like to see if the class could explain patterns across a city against their expectations. We'll then finish this section off with a homework later in the week based on the worst places in the world, but turning it on its head a little. I'd like the students to construct some positive arguments about these places, maybe using the kml file to place these.

Finally, Advanced Higher Study's-will need to look more at these tomorrow, but there is work to be done. I'd be hoping that there has been a fair bit of movement on this over Easter :-) Have some ideas that could maybe be used for presentation in some cases.


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