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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cover Version

Categories: Rural Land Resources, Rural, Geography General
Got 4 cover lessons tomorrow, and been having a look back through the blog at ways to maybe break up the work that has been left. Higher have just started looking at land use issues in coastal areas and we did a bit of work today about both potential conflicts. I used an idea of Alan Parkinsons, found in this great collaborative presentation called 'can of worms'. Students were given a contentious issue e.g 'Leave homes threatened by cliff erosion unprotected' and had to decide whether to stop or allow the development. We got a good discussion of the issues in coastal areas from this and how they are not always straightforward. After this, we watched a video about coastal management, which looked at the various ways in which the coast could be protected from wave action. This reminded me of a classtools dustbin that I had created as a really simple starter before, so I'm going to use it as a recap at the start of tomorrows lesson:

Click here for full screen version

Miss Armstrongs s3 class are doing a mapwork exercise and today my time was pretty much dominated by a small group who had been on retreat and had not looked at any mapwork or feature recognition. This meant that others in the class were pretty much left to get on with the questions and I sensed a bit of confusion about a couple of the tasks. Tomorrow, with the help of Gavin Brock, I hope to take the class through the basics of interpreting the map, particularly in relation to land uses. Thanks be for 3D mapping!
s4 classes, depending on which one, are looking at environmental issues surrounding farms or urban sprawl. I am thinking about an activity involving post it notes...more on this in the next post, as I'll be doing something similar with my own s3 class. Right, back to my lot now...


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