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Monday, November 30, 2009

All singing, all dancing

Categories:s1 and s2, Coasts, Other
Adding a little worksheet to go with the s1 activity tomorrow looking at Carnaval in Rio and what it tells us about the development of Brazilian culture and the historical migration of its people. Just formalising what we have already been doing around this. Pillaging Tony again who has virtually prepared nearly all of my Coasts material for me, with the exception of the one involving the hammer and the flying rocks (probably wise to stay away from that one, Tony!), and also had a look at Wikipedia with Advanced Higher after last weeks hullaballoo. Quite a productive period, where we used the school wikipedia page to critique the accuracy of the information, think about how if we were writing about it, we could support the information it was presenting and lastly, how well we thought it referenced its material. All in all, great prep for the Issues essay, so thanks Ollie!


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