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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A few reports, I may be gone some time...

Categories: s1 and s2, Other, Rivers, Advanced Higher
I am writing this from school as I will be trying to plough through 120 odd interim reports and 63 full reports at home tonight :( For s1 ICT, we had a chat about digital footprints the other day, and I showed how easy it was to a) write something online, which people could see on the other side of the world. I used twitter to do this, but then we talked about the example of the nurse who was putting photos on facebook of patient operations. It led to some really interesting discussion about what people should and shouldn't put online, and even brought to the fore the example of American employers who are asking for passwords for social newtorking sites before hiring people. Next we looked at b) how easy it is to mine information about someone from their online presence. I used another example from twitter, where I was able to follow a few clicks and find out about someone what they were doing on a Saturday night, where they were going, who they would probably be with and what they looked like. This was very powerful and I think had the desired influence in terms of students protecting themselves online. Tomorrow, we'll be using BBC webwise to work through some more on keeping yourself safe, but I've also asked for a wee web terminology exercsise to be submitted to posterous too.
For s1 Geography, Mrs Graham was pleased with your ideas and is happy to take some of these forward. She thought the assembly presentation was a good idea, and the bebo/facebook page too, which could link to the school site. She also thought the posters and the petition were great too, so tomorrow, I'd like to develop some of these with the class. I'm going to use the facebook template above for ideas about what we should include and ask some people to work on these at home and submit for selection. Thanks to Tony Cassidy for the template. Others can work on poster designs, which we could laminate and decide where best to put these. Another group can work on the assembly, organising speakers, collecting slides and thinking about how they will present.
s3 are on the way to being finished with rivers, I know that the slides are a bit of a slog, but I'll reward you all with jelly babies next week. Tomorrow, we will hopefully work through to the mouth of the river, which means only mapping will remain for us to do.


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