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Friday, March 26, 2010

Crystal ball aside...

Categories: Environmental Hazards, s1 and s2
This is the plan for my one period of s4 today. As the class have a little test coming up, we need to make sure that all of the hurricanes work is finished before Wednesday. Fortunately, we don't have too much to do. I'll give some homework on the impacts of the case study hurricane, which means Mrs Gordon can just pick up on this and check understanding. As a general refresher and to start the period, we'll use this flash game from Tony Cassidy's site. This will allow me to link the work I did with the class last Friday to the work that has been completed this week. We'll then move on to continue looking at predicting hurricanes. Again, Mrs Gordon has been through most of this, so the exercise in the picture above is all that is really left to be completed. Providing we have IT access, it would be nice to finish off the period testing how well the students could prepare against a hurricane simulation. Have used this loads and it's always a useful exercise. Simple period with s1 today as we are talking about favela building for next week. Then it's the weekend :)


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