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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Inside job

Categories: s1 and s2, Population, Advanced Higher

I was really delighted with one of the redrafts presented by an advanced higher student today, I have done enough moaning about lack of progress, so it's only fair that when someone does a piece of work out of the top drawer (in my own opinion), I flip the coin. The essay was about globalisation and whether it is a boon or a burden to developing nations. I have taught this student for 6 years now and to see him produce the level of writing and understanding of the issue that he has is really pleasing, especially as I feel he has got there mostly by himself. Fantastic feeling. More redrafting tomorrow (intensive time for students).
With s1, just about ready to move on to the rainforest. Unsure whether to do the feely box first or the rainforest mind movie. Leaning towards the feely box followed by video, but that depends on whether I can scavenge the remains of my colleagues attempts at it.
In one of my s3 classes, we looked at population pyramids for the first time today, and I think the class' understanding of both population structure and population change could be doing with reinforcing, so we started this. The class are saving images of the completed review exercises as evidence that they understand this and are ready to move on. I'll then present them with the odd shaped pyramids we used with the other class to see if they can further this. Speaking of said s3, I think as the class have more or less finished pyramids, a nice way to draw this to a close might be to use the previous link as an interactive whiteboard exercise before moving on to migration, when we get to use some of my favourite images, including the one above. I wonder if the class will get the link?


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