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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's Carnival!

Categories:s1 and s2, Population, Advanced Higher, other
Back on the rotational wheel, we have arrived at samba songs again tomorrow. I was quite disappointed in myself the last time we did this, in that I took time to record the classes efforts but never got round to putting them online. I'm not sure how I will approach it this time, I will wait and see how keen the class are to perform. I found a nice video which we used in class last day following a participant in Carnaval. It really brought out the different cultural influences on the celebration better than the videos we used previously, as well as still allowing us to explore the music, dress and 'enredos'. here it is below:

Tomorrow will be small groups trying to bring together quite a concentrated knowledge of the migrations of one group in particular, Brazilians of African heritage.
With my s3 classes, I'm at different stages, as I've just inherited one class recently. The first group have been working on population pyramids, and I'll probably start with a simple refresher activity about what we look for in a pyramid. Second exercise will be accounting for the strange shapes in Tony's pyramids here. My other class are a period or so behind, so I might steal Miss Anwar's resources to bridge the DTM and pyramids as they will create some discussion about how the structure of a population would be influenced by certain events. We have Polish labelled food, toy guns, a bottle full of brown water, syringes etc, and I think this class will respond to those types of resources well.
Finally, I am kind of at a beleaguered stage with Advanced Higher. Some essays need a lot of work, some are coming along well, some people are in, some are not, some have the issues sorted but their study is in need of overhaul etc. I always feel that things become a little fragmented at this time of year, particularly as I can only help those that I see. Moan over, off to get my head round fireworks, which I'm doing with s1 computing...but before I do, here is the roll of honour for the Dubai exercise:
3rd Place - Chloe
2nd Place- James
1st Place- Stuart
All outstanding efforts which can be viewed at my posterous. Enjoy the HMV vouchers :)


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