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Monday, February 01, 2010

Help this class help Haiti?

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Today started off with a little doubt about the direction we were taking with our Haiti work, but I was a lot happier with things by the end of the period. With support from the DHT, the class had decided on a number of ways to raise awareness about the earthquake and the relief effort. The class have created a facebook page to spread information and promote school charities. A condition I have asked is that they include prominently a page/link to internet safety resources, and we will resolve t
his by the end of the week. I also liked the links to other ways of giving and the mission statement. I think it might also be a good idea to involve some s6 mentors here in support of the group and the page.

Others in the class are creating posters for strategic placement around the school to keep the disaster appeal prominent in people's mind using bighugelabs and the motivator. A small group is working on a petition based around donations from governments by comparison and we had talked about creating an online version of this to reach a wider audience, ans some pairs are working on possible presentation slides which will hopefully be presented via assembly to some year groups
My fear was that, although all of these ideas had come from the students, I thought I may have started something that we couldn't finish, but I think the students deserve great credit so far for the way they have gon about the task. Friday is d-day, and the point where everything needs to be complete for submission to the DHT. I am sure they would appreciate any advice or encouragement that readers are willing to offer :)


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