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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Defining Hazards

Categories: Environmental Hazards

I have created a little poll as a starter for the new topic with s4 tomorrow. Students can make three choices, but I want each choice to be justified and shared with the class through a comment. We are then going to do a little bit of Hazard mapping using Google Squared. Going to ask 3 pairs to work on mapping this list and describing/explaining the pattern for earthquakes. The map link is here and it's embedded below:

I've done the same for Volcanic Eruptions (click here for the table) with the map to edit here by 5 pairs and viewable below:

Finally, the same thing for Tropical Storms (table here ) and again the editable map, also underneath.

Update: Feeling rather daft, as the class I hoped to do this with were sitting a prelim, don't know if it will get used now as I see the class once a week and Mrs Gordon has them for the other two periods. If anybody wants to use the maps, feel free, but tell me first :)


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