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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Re-cover and a little more

Categories: s1 and s2, Population, Advanced Higher
First day back tomorrow, God willing, and have to hit the ground running really. Advanced Higher is an easy lesson to prepare - it will be pretty much prelim practice as you sit the paper immediately after this coming long weekend. Also, due to being off, I'll be working hard to get your Study drafts back to you. I've already started looking over some in class, so please be ready for quite a savaging of the written attempts-as I've said already, it doesn't mean that the ideas or the effort isn't good, often it's just better ways to organise the words, present the data or draw out more from your own hard graft in analysis and evaluation.
I'm using an old favourite for s3, the video above. I normally play this twice to three times. First time is used to answer the 2 questions for each image, second time involves class members running around with post its to the map, and third time is a plenary to bring it all together. I think I'll add a bit to this by asking the class to research three of the places in the video to
explain the associated population pattern.
Finally, with s1, I'd like to move right on to Hurricanes, with both the Hurricane experiment, Hurricane Mapping and the Hurricane Song, but we also might be able to work with another school. Mr Rogers of The Priory School, near Portsmouth, is doing some work with his classes on Haiti, and I was showing him some of the work of the class. He particularly liked the facebook page idea, and we briefly talked about the classes linking tomorrow through twitter or facebook, so our plans may change...


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