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Sunday, February 21, 2010

To aid a failing memory...

Categories: s1 and s2, Population, Advanced Higher
Very quick post, pretty standard stuff tomorrow, but putting it here so I can access easily in school. New rotation again in s1, wondering about doing a class rules wordle based on what the students want, can stick in the front of their jotters. Usual moving activity as a starter, but this time I'm going to ask the students to write the number of questions they could answer themselves before they circulate the class filling their sheet. I hope to emphasise the importance of collaboration, as it's something we'll do a lot over the rotation. I sometimes think I don't make the reason for doing this activity clear enough. I have a pretty old fashioned demographic transition model lesson up my sleeve. I find this is just one of the topics where talking as we build the diagram is the most effective way to communicate what it means. I normally follow this up with a living graph exercise from 'Thinking through Geography' by David Leat, and will probably shoehorn this in as a lesson starter before I do any of this, as it's worked well before. That said, Miss Anwar, who is with us for a few weeks, might have something better to offer :) Finally, I planned to mark Geographical Study drafts over the weekend, but have made nowhere near the progress I hoped to due to prelims and a few other things I have been working on. I'll hopefully get a bit of red ink on everyone's before the second period of the double tomorrow while you finish the London sound mapping exercise in the first for your assessment folder.


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