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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Carrier bags and case study confusion

Categories: Urban, s1 and s2
Quickly trying to sort tomorrow's lessons. With s1, I have asked the class to come prepared for a lesson which covers recycling, development, globalisation and fair trade. We have been talking about football as a global sport, and I showed the class a little video clip showing people making footballs in Pakistan for 20p a ball, 40p for a fairtrade one. We talked about the cost of the footballs and how affordable they would be for the people making them. From that, I introduced an activity brought to the department by Miss Jamieson. It showed the students how people in developing countries sometimes make their own footballs out of junk, and will tie in nicely with the recycling which goes on in slums such as Dharavi for cash, with the materials such as plastic being quite worthless to the collectors. Tomorrow, I've asked s1 to raid their own recycling, bring in some waste and we intend to make footballs from the scraps.
This all fits well with the work that s3 will be doing as its also about Mumbai. We have just about finished the work on Paris, and I'd like to start looking at Mumbai tomorrow with a few clips from Slumdog Millionaire before moving on to the new case study. It perfectly sets the scene for some of the huge differences between cities in EMDC's and cities in ELDC's. At some point, I'd like to use this resource again with a class, probably in a few periods time.


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