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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Know your place #scotlesson

As a follow up to our re-presenting Scotland exercise (I'll share more about this later), we looked at awareness of place. I had asked students to bring 5 photos of the local area to class. We then put these in a lucky dip and the students pinned them to a catchment area map on the back wall. Some was accurate, but much was not. This linked well to something that I had noticed in the initial exercise - that we don't really know as much about our own place/space as we think. I decided to extend this out to Scotland. We put a huge map in the centre of the room floor. Each student was given a location /landscape feature to find while the rest of the class were looking at Scotland's place in Europe. It took a few attempts to get there, but it was the class who finally re-organised the map. Hopefully, you can see the changes on the pictures below

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