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Monday, April 19, 2010

On a mission. Well, one...well, if it's not raining...

Categories: s1 and s2, Geography General
Trying to get outside tomorrow, won't be able to do this yet until I have permissions (unless I ask each student to bring 5 responses in as a home activity). Been pillaging ideas from elsewhere to save time with the ash disruptions and cover lessons, so here is the bill: s2 are doing environmental issues at the moment. I have no idea where Miss Armstrong was with the work, but I like the look of Mission 47 in the free sample of Mission Explore on the GA website. I am waiting on my book coming for more of these :) I am almost finished Brazil with my s1, but again, if possible, I'd like to get this class outside while the weather holds. I'd probably want to use this, as it's a good general introduction to fieldwork and can all be done in the school grounds. I also like this, and might do a lucky dip for groups to choose a handful of the ideas together. Some of these could be mapped, which is a nice way to introduce the Ordnance Survey/ Google etc.
Of course, the weather might decide different. If it does, then it's over to Eyjafjallajokull, which is still causing all sorts of problems. I blogged about this yesterday and will use the ideas from this lesson, although tempted to use Rich Allaway's far more in depth lesson. Other odds and ends- s3 continuing to focus on central Paris (while some poetry readings are conducted) and some revision for s4 of the Physical Environments, starting with Mission Impossible.


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