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Friday, September 03, 2010

Your wilderness

Categories: Rivers, Other

I'm reverting back to using an old invaluable source for lesson inspiration today. Geointeractive has helped me split lessons into chunks in the past, and I'm intending on using two resources I found there today. We used a River Tees video the previous day to try to bring some of the features that we had been discussing in class to life. I'm going to start the period with a river dominoes activity, which concentrates on the physical aspects, then follow this up with a most likely to which covers both physical and human features of river landscapes. This is important as, although we haven't really looked at land use in detail yet, it featured quite heavily in the video.

On another note, it's very worthwhile having a look at
The Wilderness downtown. You need a chrome browser for it, but it's a really innovative use of media with a geographical slant. In case you can't view it using your own locations, I've inserted a youtube clip of it above. I enjoyed seeing the film featuring the street I stayed on as a kid. Had plenty to say in the postcard to my younger self too :-0


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