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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Glasgow Giant

I took a drive out to Clydebank today to visit the Titan Crane. Friends had visited and said that it was impressive and the views really appealed to me. I have to say that I found the visit quite sad, as the lone Crane in the wasteground symbolised the death of a place, a community that stood up to the bombs of the blitz, but couldn't compete with economic change.
Yet again, the Crane is seen as a beacon for the regeneration of the area, but it looks and sounds like that is stalling with government cuts. It was fascinating looking back up the Clyde to the heart of Glasgow, so much a product of the desolate giant and others like it that no longer stand. Looking out to the Firth, I saw a solitary ship coming up the river, but couldn't help imagine the thousands that made their transit the other way, gone like the people, jobs and houses that used to surround the Titan.

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