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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monday Shorts

Categories: s1 and s2, Environmental Hazards, Glaciation
Tomorrow promises to be quite a busy day outwith teaching commitments, but I also have the opportunity to teach one of the lessons I enjoy the most with S2. We have been studying volcanoes and have learned about the role of plate tectonics in volcanic eruptions, the anatomy of a volcano and are just about to go on to the effects of volcanic eruptions. I thought it might be good to introduce this through Noel Jenkins excellent Montserrat lesson. This means when my colleague, Mr Douglas, picks up with the class on Thursday, they will have been through a simulated eruption scenario, which should help when they look at their case study.
For s3, I want to do a lesson based around enquiry skills for glaciation. I would like the class to do a classification exercise, where I give a number of fieldwork scenarios, possible gathering techniques and reasons for use and see if the students can draw on both their experience from Culzean and common sense. I think, a little like the Montserrat exercise, I might score this. For future reference, I'll draw attention to this link at the close of the lesson. Right, off now as the battery is ready to go...


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