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Sunday, December 05, 2010

#s2erupts with a little help from my friends...

OK, so this is a blatant steal of a David Rogers idea, but perhaps I could give the rationale. I have been talking to some of my classes about their learning experiences recently. One of the themes that keeps recurring is a deep dislike of textbooks. The students associate them with sterile classroom experiences where little interaction is encouraged.
When I look at a textbook, I see a great resource for information, but it's the way the students are being encouraged to process the information that perhaps leads to the prevalent attitude. So, tomorrow, I'd like to show one of my class's that a textbook can be a useful tool.
This is a big ask, but I'd be very grateful if readers of this blog and/or people in my Twitter network took just a couple of minutes to post either in the comments or via Twitter itself something which you would like the class to find out about Volcanoes. We could use #s2erupts as a tag to collect responses by. During the period, the class could use a mixture of textbook and Internet to try to source answers, then respond. I thought about simply doing this myself, but I think it has far greater impact, as David has shown, as a one off concentrated experience for a wider audience. So, in the spirit of Christmas, could you please (pretty please) spare a few moments to give the class a task? Many thanks in advance

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