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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Story of a Glacier lost (Part 2)

Categories: Glaciation

Harry's story (edited down a little in terms of size, content all Harry's)

The story begins high up. Very high. So high that even snow does not melt. So high that the snow becomes thicker, turning gradually to ice. This is how Glacier was born and this is where the story begins.
Glacier was an old-school bully, sticking on to rocks and freezing, before moving again, taking the poor rocks with him. He used these to attack and erode the landscape around him. His story changed when he became entwined with Corrie.
Glacier was born in a shallow hollow, which would grow to become Corrie. He originally played nice guy with Corrie and got underneath her skin, quite literally. Glacier struggled, however, to change his ways and was once again the bully, cutting away corrie's backwall and deepening her floor. He got in between her cracks, freezing and then brutally pulling her rocks apart. The rocks he pulled were now being used to attack corrie's floor. Over time, however, Corrie realised that, despite this, Glacier was changing her for the better. She had grown from a shallow hollowto a deep and fine armchair shaped hollow. Then one day, without warning, Glacier left.
He slid off under his huge weight downhill, helped by gravity. Each was as upset as the other, their friendship now dead. Glacier had moved on, though, and was back to his old bullying ways, attacking the valley below them. Glacier had left only a rock lip and a lochan. Some helpless rocks lay strewn across the ground, these once strong and sturdy rocks reduced to scree. A friendship that was meant to last forever, now, forever, gone.


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