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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Rest...

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Another dustbin game, but this time as part of S3 revision for their end of unit test (coming up soon). Will also be turning to edmodo again as I'm locked out of glow in my new school. I've already set a diamond 9 activity for dealing with water pollution for one class, and will do the same with the other.
With my S2, I'm going to follow up an idea for our 75th anniversary open day and ask the class to source some Troon tales from parents and grandparents to see if we could map these. I tried geocaching for the first time today and thought it might be interesting to either plant some caches around the school (there is a public right of way goes through our grounds) or in the town to create a wee bit of story-caching on the back of this, but may come to nothing.


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