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Sunday, September 05, 2010

I know a place...

Categories: Geography General, Rivers, Urban
I was reading a link to a competition at the weekend and I thought it might be an interesting alternative exercise for students in the lower school. Hodder Geography are holding a competition to draw your own map of the world, real or imagined. This could be a map of favourite places, hidden places, happy places, a mood map, anything at all. After discussion with the S2 in particular, some students had struggled to relate to maps in the S1 unit in terms of their relevance and usefulness. This highly personalises the map as a medium and I feel would be a good addition to the S1 course that we have currently to engage the students with their learning. I wonder what the students would come up with, for instance, if they mapped their hometown as they would like it to be against as it is?
I had a test of audioboo today. I'm hoping to use this with one of my S4 classes tomorrow, as whole school assemblies played havoc with my plans on Thursday. It's quite nice, as I can record audio, tag its location on the map and then embed it. One use I'm thinking of for this is in a proposed microclimate investigation around the school which we could probably fit into the new weather unit. I'm also trying to use differenet types of media for presenting homework. The results are variable at the moment, but I quite like the crowd sourced revision wall by 3D1 below.

Finally, with S2 tomorrow, an easy period first of all completing a Japan mapping exercise and then comparing lifestyles at similar age groups using diary entries.


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