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Monday, September 06, 2010

Mr O'D's quick trip to Ireland?

Categories: Urban
Changed plans again today as half of Troon (including the school) lost its power. Used memory maps with the S4 and it worked quite well, then managed to move the class on to the bypass exercise. I'm linking to a couple of things here so that when I give the homework, students can access some information which might help with the facebook task. Here is a google map of Girvan ( I tried to embed this, but blogger was having a moment). I chose Girvan because it's local and I have memories of getting caught in traffic going for the Irish ferry in Stranraer! I suggested my problems would have been solved if a bypass had taken me round Girvan altogether. Using this map, students can turn on the layers to see photos, videos, property, terrain etc which should help their arguments regarding the bypass. I have provided the template to one class and will hopefully get some decent returns. It might also be worth having a look at the same area on wheresthepath so that the ordnance survey map can again be viewed beside the satelite photo. Not sure if I'll be able to record any of the class responses to the exercise during class time, but if I do, I'll stick them on here.


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