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Monday, September 20, 2010

Mersey beat?

Categories: Urban, s1 and s2
Been racking my brains tonight for s4 and s2 lessons tomorrow. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with both, but have tinkered a bit with it now. I feel as though we have covered most of settlement with the other S4 class now, but I want to take stock of that before I move on to industry. I'll start S4 with a classification exercise, then I thought I'd use a flickr slideshow of Liverpool. I chose this because it's a city that people should be less familiar with-that's a good thing, because I want to see if the class can translate their own examples to any urban area. The images could offer a range of questioning opportunities. For instance, there was a great timelapse which could be used to ask the class why Liverpool made a good site for a settlement, some excellent images where they could identify examples of urban renewal, general which zone and why type questions. I'm toying with the idea of doing it as a pop quiz, with answers to be submitted afterwards. I would have used geograph for this exercise, but it seems to be denying access to the map. We could then do one of two things: a settlement wordmat as a plenary to the whole unit, or a random generator of terms with whole class responses being collated.
For S2, I'm looking back at some of my old resources to teach Japan, but thought it might be good to start a wikimap to show where some of our household electronics come from. This feeds in to something we will be talking about later, and is an idea adapted from Tony Cassidy. The map is shown below, and the link is here in case there are access problems.


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