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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Talking about work at work

Categories: Industry
Have an observed lesson period 1 tomorrow with one of my s4 classes. I'm keeping things quite simple, as it's the first lesson in our block about industry. I thought I might start with a quick question of Industry or not? to make the point that any economic activity can really be classed as an industry. I'll then share the learning intentions:
1) To learn about the main types of industry
2) To learn about factors which influence the location of industry
I adapted a sheet at school for this, based loosely on the one below, but with 5 blank spaces. The spaces should be filled by the students using real people that they know as exemplar jobs, just to make the exercise a little more personal. This normally helps me illustrate that most people nowadays work in service industries.

Industry Starter
After the class have grouped together the industries (I usually impose a limit of no fewer than three categories and no more than five), I'll then define the four major industry types that most sources recognise in a very short note.
We'll move on at this point to use the Glasgow map and try to make the geographical link more explicit. I'll explain that all of these companies have quite unique needs, and would need to consider these were they locating their business. I'll ask the students to pick any 5 of the examples on their sheet and decide where they would locate them on the map, with at least three supporting pieces of evidence for each choice. We'll try to have a very brief discussion at the end of the lesson for this, as I'd also like to use the dutbin game below for a recap on our first learning intention:

Click here for larger version

Despite having taught this lesson many times before, some classes fare very differently, especially in the mapping part of the exercise. This is something I can spend more time on afterwards, but the two resources here will hopefully be something which is useful as revision too.


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