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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Vicky Lake Show...

Categories: Glaciation

Sharing a story written by one of my students to show the work of ice in an unusual way:

"Hello, and welcome to the Vicky Lake show. First up we have Christopher Corrie and Glenda Glacier, who have been going through a messy divorce while fighting over custody of their children, Rocky and Pebbles."
"Here we go again, always the same old story", thought Vicky to herself apprehensively, "Divorce, custody, arguments..."
"Now let's welcome Christopher and Glenda to the stage" she told her audience.
It appeared that Christopher Corrie was heartbroken. Glenda was leaving him and taking their children with her. She had been the love of his life, shaping his life so much that he would never be the same again.
" Now, Christopher, I want you to tell me how you and Glenda met" Vicky asked eagerly.
"Well", he started, "it was a while ago. Too long ago for me to remember, actually. As I recall it, we met one very cold, long winter. I was covered in snow. Next thing I remember, Glenda and I were together and I was the happiest I had ever been. She impacted on my life so much that I had to give up a lot to be with her. She changed, She started plucking parts of my life that I got so stressed and worn. I Think that's why she moved"
"That's not what happened!" Glenda disagreed.
"Well, Glenda, tell us what happened then" ventured Vicky
"OK, well, my life has been dynamic as I'm forever moving. I was created during the ice age when snow just kept falling, so much so that the snow underneath truned to ice. I have been moving all my life. It's not my fault, it's gravity!"
"OK, but what about the impact your behaviour has had on Christopher?" asked the host.
" Well, as I said, gravity is to blame. It is forever moving me downhill, so I have no choice but to grab on to what I can. Unfortunately, the pull is so strong that I fell I've ripped off parts of Corrie" Glenda explained emotionally.
" I couldn't helped being pulled toward Christopher. And as for me 'plucking' parts of his life, I can't help that I'm so cold, everything freezes onto me and gets broken apart"
" You left me an empty hollow, Glenda", Christopher added desperately.
Glenda just turned away from him as she knew she would get upset if she looked at him. Vicky was bewildered. She had never met such an interesting couple in all of the programmes she had presented.
" And what about the children-Pebbles and Rocky?" she asked nervously, waiting on the next argument.
"Well, I think I should keep them, as I will keep them in one place and not move them around all the time" stated Christopher.
"I think it's right that I should have them, because with me, they'll always have their mother and other friends as I travel. With him, they'll have one parent and that's all".
"Well, I hope you both sort this out and I wish you both the best" whispered Vicky in heartfelt tones.

2 months later: "You may remember Christopher Corrie and Glenda Glacier from 2 months ago? Well I recently heard that they broke up permanently and Glenda kept the children. Now on to our next couple, Wendy Waterfall and Gregory Gorge..."

I thought this was absolutely brilliant, accurate in the content (I edited a mistake in one small part, but the words are those of the student) and presented in a very creative and unfamiliar context. Well done, Elle!


At 4:30 pm, Blogger David Rogers said...

Top stuff! What a story!

With permission, I'd love to use this story with some of my pupils.

Love it!

At 1:00 am, Blogger sharon said...

I love your story! A great job-grabbed me from the start and it held my interest. I guess the separation between Glacier and Corrie was inevitable though. You certainly deserve a good mark.

At 9:17 pm, Anonymous Caroline Breyley said...

I love both of these stories. Such a fantastic way to show real understanding of the topic by allowing them the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills from all sorts of experiences as part of the process.
Must be a bit of H+WB in there too!


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