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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Recycled Shanty Town Task

Categories: s1 and s2, Urban

A good activity should never be wasted and, thankfully, found a space at my current school for our old favelas activity (above, minus the clip, which doesn't seem to have embedded). We are studying India and the students themselves in one class had indicated a desire to learn more about the rich/poor divide. I'm showing this class selected parts of Kevin McCloud's 'Slumming It', which is available in ten minute chunks on youtube. Some of it is quite graphic in its portrayal of slum life, but sets the tone very well for the activity we later do. The rest of the activity is outlined above. It actually takes a period to discuss the task, as few lessons seem to spark the curiosity and enthusiasm of kids in quite the same way. The 'building' period is manic, but worth it.


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