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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stepping Stones


This was a simple, but enjoyable activity which could be used for just about any subject. In this example, we were using it to help teach feature formations. I did the same type of activity with S3 and S5 for rivers and glaciation respectively. The general premise is to spread some key terms around randomly and ask students to 'walk' through an explanation. For each stepping stone, students must develop the relevance of the term in respect to the overall explanation.
For our example above, students were asked to walk through drumlin formations. This was useful exam practice as the knowledge was fine, but the order of the response was a little muddled. It allowed me to link this to organisation of exam responses. For S3, it was really a really useful piece of knowledge assessment and allowed us to identify a river feature which we would need to develop and one where whole class knowledge was secure. An activity I will definitely be using again.

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