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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Conflict and co-operation

Categories: Geography General, Urban
Just a short post to keep everything together for tomorrow. I thought the water conflict mapmight be useful for Higher tomorrow, as we move from the need for water management schemes to the benefits and problems of their implementation. Before we do this, I'm going to adapt an exercise from Richard Allaway's site. It's a little revision exercise and I'm going to use some of the terminology and examples from the past few lessons e.g. seepa ge, multi-purpose scheme, Bureau of reclamation etc and do a taboo type exercise in four parts. I'm going to use the map to introduce some conflicts around dam construction and then will try to simulate a debate, with two groups in favour of management and two groups opposed. It might even be useful to bring in alternative examples which highlight issues, such as this, also from Rich. If we are able, I'd like to have some IT access for this activity. I also might try to pick up this for my own teaching.
With Advanced Higher, I'm going to do a bit of base mapping using the map table in prep for the Geographical Study and then tiptoe around the rest of the folio. Finally, with S4, I'm beginning to realise we are in the dash to the prelim and, although I'll start with this as recap on inner cities, I'll need to rattle through the suburbs tomorrow if possible.


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