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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Memorise a place #ME0074

Going to use a variant of this tomorrow with my S4 group, who have just started settlement. I'm going to ask each student to memorise their journey home, map it and then re-examine it the next day for accuracy. We will then use the resultant memory maps to first of all discuss the nature of our settlement. Does it have a recognizable start and finish? What kind of services does it provide? Are there clear areas of housing separate from shops and industry? What does our place have that others don't? What's it missing that other places have? This will lead quite naturally into settlement hierarchy and function. We will then use these later to develop an idea of land use organisation which will help when we look at urban spaces. I'm going to supplement this tomorrow in class by looking at the site of Glasgow on the OS map and asking students to identify the centre, account for its location and subsequent growth and then ask students to draw a notional boundary for Glasgow and explain their choice. Hope to record some audio and post with images of student choices.



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