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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

AH tweeting...

Categories: Glaciation, Environmental Hazards, Advanced Higher, s1 and s2
I replied to a comment from Ollie Bray yesterday, and almost as soon as I had realised that some of the problems with twitter that I was worried about were very easily resolved. Basically, I texted to my account in class today to show the students how simple the workings of twitter are, before starting them off on their own accounts, setting updates to private and letting their initial messages appear on my mobile in class. I think that the class can see how easy it would be to use this while out in the field, and most importantly, their messages don't show up in my page unless I'm signed in, guaranteeing their privacy from internet browsers and releasing me/them from the need to exchange mobile numbers. Look forward to piloting this and seeing how it goes. Might begin with Ardentinny weekend for students to get used to it. Back to maps tomorrow.
Enjoyed Higher and s3 today, both doing glaciation. I promise to return to Jeff D tomorrow, but liked this corrie sketch movie (thanks to Miss Green), and will use it tomorrow with my other s3. I think Jeff will help me explain plucking and abrasion...s2 will hopefully get started on movies research, maybe through classroom in a box, maybe the library. Loads of people going early holidays this year, so I'm already thinking we'd better cram as much as possible into this week :-0


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