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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stray maps and the migration of the British Isles

Categories: Rural Land Resources, Advanced Higher

We are looking at National Parks tomorrow in Higher, and I would like to show you why certain parks attract more visitors than others. I've spent much of today trying to work on UK overlays for Google Earth. I have one showing the location of National Parks, some with climate, topography and population data and two with transport. Haven't had the time to put these all together in a folder yet, but would like to use these in a decision making exercise, together with some selling points on the parks from their respective websites. We'll set up in groups and each group will be given a British city as starting location, but no other restraints. I want you to consider as groups which park you would visit and why, presenting back to the class. This will then lead into a homework activity and a common past paper question. It might be an idea, then, to prepare to give reasons why you have not chosen certain places too. I'll tell you in advance that my overlays do not fit exactly, hence the reason I'm not sharing them here- there seem to be some bizarre plate movements which have Ireland migrating towards Wales and Cornwall desperately trying to join with France!

Noel Jenkins gave me a bit of advice on why this was happening, but also posted a nice article which , if your studying Advanced Higher, you should really bookmark. I have spent some time tonight looking at a few of the suggestions and there are some excellent ideas for making your Study stand out from others. I was doing proportional symbols maps, migration flows and transects in Google Earth with a bit of tinkering, and it's something I'm sure that you could do a lot easier than me. I'll let you have a look at this tomorrow, along with some of the work on sampling.


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