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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Song for Soufriere?

Categories: s1 and s2

I'm really enjoying teaching s2 again this year - it's nice being able to fully explore the sidestreets of topics in a way you can't when you are teaching to strict time for exams, and I like spending time with this class a lot too. Today, we were looking back at Montserrat (nice maps), and tried to bring together everything that we had learned about Volcanoes starting with a card sort (try it again for revision) on why eruptions occur. We also looked at the potential for a singing case study (some interest stated!), and prepared for a task where we try to summarise the threats/benefits to people, the precautions that prone areas can take against Volcanoes and the ways in which people respond to them...a really full period! There was lots of purposeful noise, and although it's going backwards a bit, I'd like to maybe do a Volcano experiment with this group-I'm sure there would be lots of good questions from this, and I found a stack of clips which could perhaps help answer some of them.


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