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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Theft on a grand scale - or Other People's Work

Categories: Advanced Higher, Lithosphere, s1 and s2

I'm mining other peoples' hard graft tomorrow as I try to complete a bit of my own while classes are working. Advanced Higher are doing GMT's tomorrow. I got the go ahead over the weekend to do our shopper survey (thankfully no similar problems with our second venue), so hopefully we'll be able to use some real results to show the relevance of the statistical techniques you're learning. We've looked at some descriptive statistics already and will be doing standard deviation. I'm not going to overdo the talk here as I know it's something you've done in Maths. For a better understanding of this, and other stats, you might want to have a look at this from LTS.

I'm not sure how the practical stuff worked with Higher on Friday, people seemed quiet and attentive and some decent answers were given to my questions. Apologies about more DVD nightmares. Tomorrow, I'm using SAGT CD material for coastal processes and coastal erosion. Remember to bring your news article for this week.

s2 have had two periods where the quality of your questions has been quite excellent, but I need some written work from you now. I'm going to have a closer look at these for later lessons, and I quite like the Thinking About Volcanoes resource here on David Rayner's site to bring together what we've been learning.

s1 will be finishing direction and doing a bit of work on grid references. On a personal note, I've got a packed couple of weeks coming up and might be out of class a few times (definitely out all day Friday, and probably twice more), making finding time to get in shape for this all the more difficult. Many thanks to all those creators of the reources which are very much helping to lighten the load.


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