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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coasts-Questions and Answers

Categories: Lithosphere

I asked my Higher class to submit some questions about coasts before we started the topic. We've already looked at them during the Intermediate course, and I didn't really want to labour old news, if you like. Some questions were, ahem, not really what I was after:-0 If seagulls fly over bays are they called baygulls? and What is your favourite coast and why? spring to mind. I was also asked what the longest beach in the world is. Some questions have helped me set up tomorrow's lesson though...

1) Why do coasts change shape? I was looking at one of David Leat's books and there was a lesson which started with a bit of modelling clay and chalk. I'd like to use these to show differential erosion- a couple of funnels and beakers, equal volumes of water and we'll see what happens. Might also be able to talk some processes here. Tried it today during a free, was a bit messy...

2) If there were no waves, would coastlines ever change? Same pieces of rock, some water and ink

3) Why do some beaches consist of sand and others rock? Time to smash up a few things with a hammer, I think

4) I get confused with swash and backwash, what's the difference?/ What is Longshore Drift? Tub of water and something that floats.

This could be an absolute shambles, but hopefully it works OK. I'll then show you a bit of 'Coast' from Dorset, followed by a few notes on processes.


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