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Monday, August 18, 2008

A touch of the Ramsays

Categories: s1 and s2, lithosphere, Advanced Higher, Other
Fancy beating the credit crunch? Buy your own mini-cow, a little like our cursing cook Gordon, rear it in your back garden before 'enjoying' the fruits of your labour with a nice steak and a milk. Another bizarre story via boingboing. Is this the way to self-sufficiency? Not for this teacher...
My Higher section is swelling a little with a few additions today. I hope I didn't go too fast when we looked at till and fluvioglacial deposition. I'm going to go over some of the features of deposition tomorrow -Drumlins, Moraines and Erratics. I think I'll try to avoid powerpoint except for photos of these. I felt towards the end of last term, I probably used too many of them, and after getting you to do a little thinking on the spot today,I'll just talk through these features with your participation, noting some points as we go on the board. A bit old fashioned, but sometimes other ways of looking at physical features I've used such as student as teacher don't give the whole class a sound enough understanding of their formation.
I gained another s1 class today which I wasn't expecting, but it's good to have two in a rotation as different classes respond differently to certain activities. I'll be able to do our traditional 'find someone who..' starter with one class, and the other are a period ahead. I have recently started using a lot of images from strange maps to start map skills. These are good as students often don't realise they are looking at a map representation, and can very often justify why it's not by giving their perceptions of what a good map should have. S2 starting plate tectonics after a good level of participation on yesterday's starter movie.
Finally, a link for Advanced Higher-Highland Learning has lots of good resources. We did some really useful prep today on questionnaires for a Shopper Survey, and it might be a good idea to compare your surveys to the one here- What type of questions have they used, is the structure logical and flowing?


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