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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is this the right place?

Categories: Advanced Higher, Geography General, Glaciation

Having just watched a hugely boring game of football between Italy and Spain (had been really looking forward to it), it's now back to work, and thinking about tomorrow. I doubt from the incessant racket of rain from outside that I'll be able to take AH out, so I think tomorrow, I'll use the double period to do some map interpretation work. This is really the first time you'll have used an atlas with your O.S. maps. I was using Google Earth earlier looking at the site for T in the Park in Balado. I remember going to Balado in the first year after T in the Park moved from Hamilton and thinking how out of the way it was. I was reminded of this tonight and thought this might be a good starting point for map interpretation- Why did T in the Park move? Compare the sites and give positives and negatives for both. We'll use Google Earth, the atlases and some O.S. I know the answer, but I'm not telling...

Higher will begin with some images, hopefully be able to use Miss Green's whiteboard and copy the screen after labelling. We'll then do some diagrams, firstly for a landscape of glacial erosion, then for individual features - corrie, arete, pyramidal peak, u-shaped valley, hanging valley, roche moutonnee- probably taking us beyond this period. I'm adapting the speed dating for s3...

I'm kind of stuck with s2. I want to carry on researching your movies, but I'm also really keen to do some work with a class before the summer break for our Malawi link. I might then tomorrow involve you in an activity where you decide as a class the ten questions you'd like to ask those students in our partner school, which hopefully, we can then forward. I'm also keen to get a photo diary started which we can send to them, but this will require consents. I'll put this to the class tomorrow, and we'll see where we go from there.


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