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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Avoiding Google Earth blobs while out on the bike...

Categories: Geography General

Out to clear my head on the bike tonight- a good ten mile trip of ups and downs in the rain as I attempted to shift my six week state of lethargy for school on Thursday. Seems instead of the streams,trees, rivers, bridges and buildings I thought I'd passed, I actually cycled through a big green, white and red blob. Or so it would appear on Google Earth, who have yet to acknowledge the existence of my little patch (literally) of the world. Maybe by next summer, when guilt again gets the better of me, I'll be able to track my path in glorious satelite imagery.

Just a v.quick update on the blog-not quite in work mode yet. Well done to students on exam results, which were, on the whole, better than we had expected. Glad your hard work paid off in the paper, particularly in Int 2, which I thought was a very tricky paper. To those who didn't perhaps get what you expected or hoped for, come and speak to me when we're back.

I have added a couple of links in the sidebar to blogs that some other teachers, past and present, have been working on. Mr Kerr has been running eco-club with Miss Green for the past couple of years, and has started a blog to showcase the work that students have been doing. Please have a look and contribute if you can. One of our old colleagues, Miss Tomitaka, has started her own blog too for the students of her current school. The blog is 'for everyone who is interested in global issues such as poverty, inequality, trade and the environment to mention just a few'. I'm sure that Miss T would be pleased if you popped over and had a look.

As you have a few more days than me till you return, try seeing 'Wall-E'. It's an excellent film, quite clever and thought provoking too. Enjoy the rest of your holidays and see you soon.


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