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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Maps, maps and maps again

Categories: s1 and s2
Got a good response from s1 when we used where's the path for map symbols last week. This really made sense of the map when we centred it on the school and students could clearly see things like their train station, the route their bus takes, the park near the school and so on. I'm going to continue with symbols tomorrow, but also want to spend a little time on direction. I can use the image of the school on this site to involve the class in a direction challenge. Armed with a compass, we'll send two students out on a route through the school with instructions to report back on which directions they travelled on their journey. While they are out, the class will use the image to a) find their bearings and follow their classmates path, b) plot the directions c) test their classmates use of the compass. This will have the added benefit of getting s1 more familiar with the school building.
s2 are due an apology. I had all sorts of problems with the tectonics video due to both a change in the technology in my classroom and problems with the audio-visual material. I'll translate- I couldn't work my new video, and kept putting on the wrong tape. I might use Earth: Power of the Planet tomorrow, and will, as usual when teaching earth forces, look for earthquakes which have happened recently.


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