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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shoppers pre-survey?

Categories: Advanced Higher

This post is a little bit of information for Advanced Higher about tomorrow, and about how I'm teaching you the course this year. I told you that I planned to use one double period for GMT's, one for Issues/Study work, and the remaining two for mapwork and other bits and pieces. Later in the week, we're hopefully going to go out and complete some questionnaires. I sense some anxiety about this-do not panic, people are generally very polite and helpful if you explain why you are there and who you are. We'll get all sorts of information from these, and there are many ways in which it can be interpreted. One thing that you can do with data collected in this way is statistically test it. Before we are in a position to do this, I want to teach you a bit about descriptive statistics. You will also find this and some of the other statistical work that we do useful for your Ardentinny trip. Remember to keep your eye on my del.icio.us links for your issues topics. I really like a lot of the topics you've chosen- they are different, yet current and newsworthy- and think you'll be able to source loads on your own, but if I can source a link here and there then hopefully this will help. On that point, remember to use your own del.icio.us accounts to store your bookmarks.


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