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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lights Out on Lithosphere

Categories: Lithosphere, Advanced Higher, s1 and s2

Click here for full screen version

I was talking to Miss Gordon today about classtools and reminded myself about how good this site can be for the whiteboard. I think I'll use a few lights out activities like the one above as a recap on today's lesson with Higher. This one shows the twelve apostles, of which there are only seven or eight left. I'm also using Chesil Beach, Hurst Spit, Bournemouth and a deserted part of Harris for others. I might also do a bit of 'quick on the draw' but through giving you photos rather than just the name of the feature. This will make sure that you are recognising landscapes and that you can explain them with annotated diagrams, particularly important for crash students. After tomorrow, we should be just about finished lithosphere.
Advanced Higher have the joy of stopping unsuspecting shoppers in the morning, but I'll have to rush back for s1, who will be learning about Grid References and playing a little game to help with this. To make sure we get on to this, I might use the countdown clock in classtools while giving you assorted tasks related to today's work as I was out.
Lastly, this is not geographical at all, but I just really like it, especially the javelin


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