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Monday, October 27, 2008

7th idea here already, more to come...

Categories: Geography General, Hydrosphere, s1 and s2

After all my conversion efforts, I got a mail at 2.30pm, ten minutes before I was due to teach my s1, that youtube had been permanently unblocked for staff use! Anyway, here's more ideas for use tomorrow. I'm cheating a bit here, as I've talked about both of these before, but different uses for them this time...

7) I hadn't planned to use this, but got a very random question from an s6 student today who asked me to name my favourite band -like the state The Simpsons live in, the clues are there if you look hard enough ;-)- This got me talking about the World Album covers atlas and a suggestion by Alan to use this as a homework with a prize for the first entry. I said I would make a small concession to s6 on Wednesday with this, as one was complaining that they don't get the fun stuff anymore :-( Might do this with Higher too. Thinking both of these year groups might have a more obsessive knowledge of their bands/ artists.

8) I liked the City of Men task today, and thought I might follow this up with a wordle based on what thoughts it provoked from students about favelas, which could then be displayed.

I'm probably out tomorrow afternoon, which means I'll miss Higher and s2. I'll try to put some text message answers from Higher on here and see who can decipher them. Brought them home to do, but flagging a bit tonight. If I'm out, I'll leave some hydrographs work, maybe using the images here as I've found that the link I used before to the doc is broken. If I don't use this may adapt this along with some textbook work. s2 continuing on research for leaflet, although seemed to be some interest in magazine style brochure.


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