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Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year Toast(er)

Categories: s1 and s2
S1 first tonight. I have a screentoaster effort for part of the lesson, filters permitting ;-). I am going to start the period with a 'Who am I'? type activity. I want students to think about their own backgrounds and where their familires have come from. I'll use the whiteboard and a world map and we'll map the locations radiating out from Glasgow. Obvious place here for the World Names Profiler. I'm then going to use two images to compare Scottish and Brazilian ethnicity before going on a world tour via a Google Earth video. This is a 'Where, When and Why?' activity mapping migration to Brazil. I'm hoping it helps develop awareness of place, and through discussion, reasons for the different migrations. I'll mostly provide the 'when'.

Migration Movie


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