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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Posterous, prep free lesson and picture poser

Categories: Development and Health

I have a feeling that after a heavy duty Wednesday of past paper analysis, Higher could probably do with something a bit different. We might be able to do this if I can get access to a PC lab. I've been looking tonight at a really easy way to blog through something called posterous, which, believe it or not, I found out about when reading Stephen Fry's thoughts on IT matters (he is very connected!). If this is not filtered, it would be a good way to respond to tomorrows work, which involves a bit of google earth and a lot of Brazil, as we look at regional inequalities in development.

Wycombe High School have been a bit of a saviour for s4 tomorrow, as they have given us our AIDS lesson. My s2 today did not get the chance to add to their voicethread as we did brain gym and sang loyalty songs in tribute to Japanese industry (don't ask), but I'll hopefully put the s1 example here tomorrow or at the weekend. I say tomorrow, as I might have a bit of time during your assessment...

Lastly, wonder if anyone knows what the picture above is showing?


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