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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stolen Seats?

Categories: Advanced Higher
...never even knew I'd lost it ;-) Had a walk today which was very useful for work in the remainder of the term. We took a lot less time than I thought, probably because the temperatures were hovering around zero leading to a, how should I put it, brisk walk. As we had quite a few variables to survey, I took one of the survey sheets too and looked at residential type. I was a bit surprised knowing a lot of the surrounding areas along our route that this was pretty uniform, mainly late 1800s/early1900s. This may be a myth in my mind, but I'm sure I remember doing social geography at Uni, and the lecturer saying that this was fairly common to create a facade for the wealthy merchants, making their journeys to work more palatable. I may have imagined this during my militant phase...must dig out the old books. I'll use the photos in class, probably not the field sketches (oh dear...:-0) and will find mapping/ stats tests/ data representation techniques for all of our results. Easy, non?


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