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Friday, November 28, 2008

s2 in Top Gear

Categories: s1 and s2, Development and Health, Population
I had planned to use cueprompter to podcast this post, a great little presentation tool (thanks to Joe Dale), but as you can perhaps see from the time (4.49am while I'm writing), I fell asleep telling bedtime stories to the kids! Now, I can't sleep while everyone else in the house is sound, so this is just a quick summary post of yesterday and a rough guide to today while my mind is alert.
With s2, as already posted, I wanted to do an animation. I started the lesson with an episode of 'Top Gear', where Jeremy Clarkson was racing the bullet train. While this was showing, students were taking note of the changing landscapes. This varied from mountains to rice fields to suspension bridges to huge Ferris wheels and so on. After the clip had finished, we discussed some other iconic images of Japan, such as the bullet train below Mount Fuji. From this, I gave out four blank animation frames for students to work in pairs, with the proviso that there had to be a link to previous slides in the animation. This is going to require a bit of improvisation, but that's fine. On Monday, we'll be doing a bit of research for an exercise on Tokyo, so I'm giving each pair a time limit at the whiteboard to complete their animated frames.
Higher are doing Rwanda as a forced migration just now. Might be time to bring in the results of my poll as a comparison soon. We'll be looking at more clips from Hotel Rwanda, and this reminds me about a powerpoint I did as summary of this migration:


My s4 will maybe try the Trade Game, as we're doing human factors influencing development, and s1 will be doing grid references followed by a game of battleships. Should really try to get some sleep now...


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