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Monday, November 17, 2008

Does Running Daily Leave Ropey Fitness Behind?

Categories: Population, s1 and s2

It's November and I find myself chasing time with Higher yet again. Tomorrow, I hope to get a computer room booked for this to build on the demographic transition. Having looked at population change over time, we want to combine that with population structure. We need to understand this before we look at population policy. I will also try to collate some of the homework through woices as blogged about before while you are working away. If I can't get the room, I'll be using some bits e.g. the 'lights out' and suggesting the rest as a homework. This is also very useful, along with other parts of the site about the census and a later topic, migration.

In my s2 class today, we had something of a nightmare regarding missing resources (we're out of department) and the worst was averted by a very enterprising Disaster Drama by 4 of the girls- a fictionalised eruption of Mount Unzen with pyroclastics, petrified forests, helicopter rescues, nuclear power stations and dead (yet strangely laughing) bodies on my classroom floor. A pair of boys were also recording an eye witness account on vocaroo which sounded good on a listen. By the end of the drama, I still didn't have the neccessary resources, but we'll return to this next day.

Finally, I am sure Higher will concur in that today wasn't particularly enjoyable going over the NAB. Vast majority passed, but we spent most of the period on a post NAB inquest. One of the themes that I addressed with the class was hydrographs. I spent quite a bit of time talking about explaining the graph, but for description, if you are struggling to recall which parts of the graph you should be citing, why not try mnemonics? Through twitter and Mary Cooch, I found out about a site called joglab. The title of this post is actually a mnemonic which I created for this purpose. Click here to see what it's about...As for the running, along with beer and cigarettes, it worked for 101 year old Buster in the photo (click on it to read his story)!


At 11:56 pm, Blogger A Friend said...

Hi Kenny,

I liked your Jog but don't know the target words. How did you find using JogLab? Good old Buster!


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