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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Numbers and letters

Categories: Rivers, Geography General

I have just realised that the last post was my 400th on this blog. That's an awful lot of words. Ironically, I just logged into blogger to remind myself and students about 100 words , which isn't. I'm going to try something, particularly geared towards Higher and Advanced Higher over the next 7 days. I outlined my thoughts about progress in Higher last night and followed this up with a discussion today. This led to an idea about how I could ensure that you were a) getting regular revision b) regular homework and c) concise notes for use in exam prep.

For the next week, I'm going to choose at random a topic you have studied in either the lithosphere or hydrosphere. Your challenge is to write about 100 words on that topic for the following day. I might even treat it like graffiti and give some space on a wall. I'll stick some pics up for you to surround. I'm hoping this is pretty painless and starts a habit. Not of graffiti on my wallls...

With Advanced Higher, your sources now look fine, with Frankie the understandable exception (although I have good news on this). I'm therefore going to challenge you to write about 100 words proper of your Issues essay per night to get you started. I'll get at least a rough introduction out of this.

Finally, in a post all about words fitting to numbers, I can't believe that the aforementioned 400th post was about statistical techniques...


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