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Saturday, November 01, 2008

A short post about doctors, referees and a Wally

Categories: Environmental Hazards, Geography General
I attended a talk last week by Dr Ian Stewart about hazards. He was basically saying that he had spent the best part of 20 years studying the physical elements of hazards and had now come to the conclusion that the human interactions in hazard zones could not be viewed as seperate to this. A great example of this appeared on the BBC today, with the eruption of a mud volcano, apparently as a result of exploration drilling for oil and gas. In hindsight (and looking forward to next year), there is great scope for an Advanced Higher Issues essay here. I will also attempt to be less disparaging about the performances of referee John Underhill in future too, after learning his day job:-0
I also aim to have a look at Where's Wally in Google Earth (thanks to Google Earth Blog). I only have this s1 rotation for another week or two, could maybe try to do this as a running theme next week for a lesson starter/homework?


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